London is one of the luxury capitals of the world. Before or after Paris or New York, it doesn’t matter much. This is not a question a gentleman should ask himself. Some London luxury hotels to discover the elegance, perfection, and English charm that emanate from them.

  • 1 Why choose a luxury hotel in London?
  • 2 Rosewood London, classic elegance
  • 3 Charlotte street London hotel, retro and arty luxury
  • 4 The Hotel Beaumont, Art Deco splendor
  • 5 Hotel café royal, a rendezvous with contemporary sobriety
  • 6 The Kensington hotel, English charm

Why choose a luxury hotel in London?

Luxury hotels in London are among the most beautiful in the world: Sumptuous historic buildings, discreetly charming interiors, original or ostentatious decoration, a tradition of service inherited from the monarchy. In short, a journey within the journey.

London has been one of the most influential and wealthy cities in the world for centuries now. This wealth is reflected in the imposing and elegant architecture of these buildings. A classic reference, from the early 20th century or Art Deco, will embrace you when you enter the hotel. These are real monuments in which you can fall asleep at nightfall.

The materials are noble; the taste goes to comfort, warmth, and a certain restraint. The lack of taste happened so quickly. The sparkling staff uniforms, their professionalism, and English politeness. The sense of perfection and (almost) honor: Is it a survival of the monarchy and its military tradition?

However, these 5-star hotels will give you the impression of living in an era that you would have thought to be over.

Rosewood London, classic elegance

A superb luxury hotel close to the Covent Garden area of central London. The rooms are spacious, decorated in a classic style with an incredible eye for detail. The bathrooms are in Italian marble. Spa, sauna, and restaurant in the hotel. Perfect service of attention and intelligence. Between 500 and 2300 € per night.

Charlotte Street London hotel, retro and arty luxury

A stone’s throw from the Soho district, a charming luxury hotel without ostentation. Period fireplaces, early 20th century works of art on the walls, large and beautiful libraries. Virginia Woolf is expected to enter. The hotel has its brasserie, its cinema room, a gym. Each room has a personalized and refined decoration, adorned with classic patterns and wallpaper, with elegant beds and luxury furnishings—the night between 470 and 1500 €.

The Hotel Beaumont, Art Deco splendor

It is a superb Art Deco hotel in London’s most luxurious district: Mayfair. The original building dates back to 1926 and features an iconic 3-story sculpture by award-winning artist Sir Antony Gormley. The decoration is exquisite and in Art Deco style: Geometric patterns dominate, original illustrations on the walls, antiques, luxury leather and wood furniture, luxury bathrooms in black and white marble. Gym, sauna, and steam bath available in the hotel. Between 600 and 3000 € per night.

Hotel café royal, rendezvous with contemporary sobriety

It is the luxury property between Soho and Mayfair. The decoration is contemporary, elegant, and sober. Place of great calm in the center of the most lively district of London. Between 600 and 2200 € per room.

The Kensington hotel, English charm

Kensington Hotel is a luxury hotel with English charm. It has a large, comfortable, nicely decorated room, a cozy bar and restaurant, and a modern gym. A great location is less than 200m from Kensington South tube station in one of London’s most luxurious areas. Five a minutes walk from the Natural History Museum and the V&A Art Deco Museum. From 330 € per night.

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