International travel insurance for Orlando

Learn all about international travel insurance for Orlando: the best companies and how to get incredible prices on excellent insurance. Taking out an International Travel Insurance for Orlando is essential to have a much smoother trip and be covered in any unforeseen events. Two places sell the cheapest travel insurance, and you will save a lot.

Several tips will save you a LOT on your trip, in all planning, and in everything, you will do there. You will spend much less on your journey and be able to enjoy it even more. Now let’s give you all the tips on international travel insurance for Orlando.

Why hire international travel insurance?

In short, the good thing about taking out international insurance is that it already includes medical assistance, life insurance, flight cancellations, travel assistance, legal assistance, and even reimbursement in case of lost luggage or theft. It is a way to travel to Orlando without any worries and guarantee that you will have no problems or losses if something unforeseen happens.

How much does International Travel Insurance cost?

International travel insurance for Orlando and the United States is very cheap, varying according to the number of days you stay there. On average, you get adequate insurance starting at 25 reais a day. It is very cheap considering all the international coverage they provide should any problems arise. To get a sense, in Orlando, an emergency medical consultation can cost up to $ 300. The value of hospitals, dentists, and talks in Orlando is usually quite expensive. The loss of those who need to use any of these services is enormous, so travel insurance is excellent. It is very worthwhile not to spoil your vacation.

Which cities does travel insurance cover in the USA?

Insurance is valid for the entire United States, so it doesn’t matter if you go to Orlando, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas on the same trip. The insurance is the same and covers all American cities. Therefore, whoever will take out travel insurance for Orlando and take out travel insurance for Miami will pay the same amount and make the same contract. This is also true for New York, Chicago, California, and any other American city.  

How to get great prices and save a lot

Option 1: A good tip for comparing the best international insurance prices in the main world is to use this tremendous international travel insurance price comparatorJust enter the destination and the number of days you will be staying, and in a few seconds, it compares the budget of the largest insurance companies in the United States and the world. You will find incredible prices at reliable companies with great insurance. And after researching, you can now hire in less than 5 minutes. 

Very easy and fast, and the sooner you book, the cheaper you will pay, not to mention that it is much more affordable than hiring through travel agencies – and you can split up to 12 times on the card. Then you will receive the policy by email and print it out and take it with you on your trip. If you plan to have a guided tour through a travel agency, you can hire insurance on your own even on the Internet, which is usually much cheaper than that of the travel agency. If so, compare it to see if it’s worth it.

Option 2: Because of the large volume of travelers we have, we have collaborated with one of Brazil’s biggest tour operators! The prices we get for travel insurance are UNBEATABLE and the lowest we can find. It is even cheaper than the comparator (which is already great). The insurance they offer is excellent and from two of the best insurers in the world. And it also has an exclusive 24h service (to answer your questions and help you choose your travel insurance), and you get a super box full of gifts for your trip.

And the cool thing is that this is the place where you sell park tickets, car rentals, hotels, and home rentals in Orlando cheaper too! It is a SUPER partnership that we managed to make for our readers with really different prices. Click here on Vou De Dicas and check it out to see how it’s worth it.

Is international travel insurance required for Orlando?

To enter Orlando and the United States, travel insurance is not mandatory. But to get a sense of the importance of taking out Travel Insurance, in Europe, for example, it is mandatory to have international travel insurance contracted to enter any of your countries. It is a requirement of them because they understand that it is essential for the person who goes there to be covered with any unforeseen events that may happen – and that goes for any trip.

Travel insurance x Individual medical assistance

Some people consider hiring only international medical assistance for their trip. Still, it is not worth it becomes more expensive than travel insurance, which already includes medical assistance and many other benefits (such as luggage). Anyone traveling to the United States should always hire travel insurance, which is more complete and cheaper. Guarantee your international travel insurance to the United States now and save on your trip to New York, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, California, or any other American destination.

Where to buy tickets for Orlando parks cheaper

Find out where it is best to buy tickets for all Orlando parks in the cheapest way possible. There are many methods to buy tickets for Orlando parks, and below, we explain how this process works step by step with several tips. But if you already want to go straight to the website where you can buy your tickets, click here – it’s a partnership we made with one of Brazil’s biggest tour operators, which has the best price, the best service. They even give you a super kit full of giveaways and discount coupons from Orlando.

Buying the ticket at the parks ticket office

The first way people think of buying Orlando tickets is by going directly to the ticket booth in each park. The good thing about shopping at the entrance to the gardens is security, but there are some negative points, such as, for example, taking long lines and wasting your time buying the ticket instead of enjoying the parks.

Another negative point of buying on time is for those who do not know how to speak English, as they may have difficulties when talking to the parking attendant to buy the ticket. And making the purchase there, you will pay in dollars. Then you will also have to pay the 6% IOF plus American taxes.

I am buying Orlando tickets online.

Another way to buy Orlando parks tickets is to purchase them online on the parks’ official websites. The advantage is that you believe in advance, guarantee access, and do not have to waste time in line when you arrive. But the big negative point is the fees, and the tickets end up being much more expensive.

As the purchase is also made in dollars, there will be American rates, the 6% IOF, the credit card conversion rate is always higher, and you cannot install it. In a big purchase, it ends up giving a huge difference and getting much more expensive.

Buy your tickets much cheaper!

The best way to buy your tickets for amusement parks and other sightseeing in Orlando is online. The value is always lower. You do not pay the 6% IOF that you would spend on a purchase made in dollars, and you can still pay in installments. So the first tip is never to leave to buy there on time, which is always more expensive.

Even the cell phone chip that we always recommended for being the best, we managed to include it there with a different price and free shipping!

Exclusive benefits: In addition to the lowest guaranteed price, we also get a complete service by chat 24h (or by WhatsApp), and when you make a purchase, you get a super box full of gifts for your trip!

Tips to save a LOT of park tickets

Orlando’s complexes and amusement parks offer ticket combos that are worthwhile for those looking to save money. We have already saved around 180 dollars per person. Those who go to at least three Disney parks pay to buy a ticket for the four parks, instead of three, because the difference is minimal. And it’s worth visiting all four of Disney’s parks.

When purchasing Disney tickets, you will have to choose the number of days and one of three options: 1) Basic, to enter a park per day (if you leave, you will not be able to document); 2) Hopper, to enter and leave as many times as you want in any park, every day within the chosen period; and 3) Hopper Plus, to have extra access to the two Disney water parks – in this case, if you buy the Hopper Plus 4-day ticket, for example, you are entitled to 4 days of regular parks plus four days of water parks. And the rule is always valid: the more days you buy, the cheaper the ticket is per day.

As for Universal parks (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure), where the Harry Potter attractions are located, the best selling ticket is the 2 Days Park to Park. This ticket entitles you to a two-day tour of these two parks, and you can use the “Hogwarts train” to get from one to the other (which is a separate attraction).

And for those who want to go to Busch Gardens Park or SeaWorld Park, the tip is to buy their combo. If you buy the 3 Parks combo (Busch Gardens + SeaWorld + Aquatic), you will only pay 30 dollars more than you would pay in one of them separately. It is much cheaper, and you will save a lot.

Tickets from other Orlando parks

In addition to these three large complexes, Orlando has other cool amusement parks that are very popular with Brazilians. There is Lego Park, NASA Park (Kennedy Space Center), Discovery Cove, the Blue Man Group Show at Universal, and Disney shows. These parks and shows sell tickets separately, and there is no other option than to buy them individually – via the internet or on the spot.

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