Top 10 Luxury Hotels In Orlando, USA

See the top 10 luxury hotels in Orlando, the city that receives millions of tourists annually, with a good portion of them wanting to stay at a state-of-the-art service. There are several types and levels of luxury hotels in Orlando, precisely to meet this demand of those who wish to enjoy their holidays with quality service, luxury, Spas, gourmet restaurants, and other advantages and treats that luxury hotels offer. Discover ten excellent luxury hotels in Orlando.

Several tips will save you a LOT on your trip, in all planning, and in everything, you will do there. You will spend much less on your journey and be able to enjoy it even more. Now let’s give you all the tips on the ten luxury hotels in Orlando.

Renaissance Orlando Hotel at SeaWorld

The Renaissance Hotel is located within the Sea World complex in Orlando, and it is one of the best choices for luxury accommodation lovers amid the fun of a theme park. The rooms are comfortable; the bathrooms are marble and are huge. Daily rates vary, start at $ 150, and the most expensive suites are over $ 200. The hotel has an outdoor pool, children’s water park, gym, SPA, and six dining options, including a Starbucks, a PUB, a Japanese, and an American restaurant. Renaissance Orlando Hotel has a 10-story atrium full of aquariums, waterfalls, and palm trees. They close partnership packages with Hertz, a good car rental company in Orlando. It is worth taking a look.

Grand Bohemian Hotel in Orlando

Grand Bohemian Hotel is in the city center, close to International Drive, Orlando’s main avenue, and is very beautiful. The super-soft beds are a hit with guests, and the rooms are very modern. There is an excellent restaurant inside, the Bohemian, and a lounge and gastronomic events at certain times of the year. Many artworks by internationally renowned painters and artists are on display in the hotel’s common areas.

Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Orlando

The Waldorf Astoria has an area of ​​195 hectares. It is huge. The Hotel initially exists in New York, and this is its unit in Orlando. It has seven different categories of nicely furnished rooms, a professional golf course, and 12 bars and restaurants similar to those of the Hotel in New York. The Waldorf is very close to Disney World, and its common areas, which include the golf course, the pool, and the SPA, are lovely.

Hyatt Regency (Peabody) Hotel in Orlando

This hotel is on International Drive and is home to super cute ducks. The suites are excellent, and the pool has a waterfall. To eat, there are six options between restaurants, bars, and cafeterias. The hotel is just 5 minutes from Universal Studios and SeaWorld, and 15 minutes from Walt Disney World. The location is also super close to International Drive outlets, malls, and stores.

Marriot’s Orlando World Center hotel 

Marriot’s in Orlando is a 28-story tower with 2,000 rooms. They are slightly smaller than other hotels in this category, but the suites are much better equipped. The city’s largest swimming pool is at this hotel, which is on World Center Drive, in the city center. It is also quite large and luxurious.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando

Located within the Disney complex, this resort hotel makes guests feel like they are in South Africa in the Animal Kingdom park area. The rooms have an African theme, and many overlook the African safari of Animal Kingdom park. Next to the city of the hotel is Arusha Rock, which is a rock that provides a view of the Safana, and all guests can go there to take pictures. You can see the animals, the typical vegetation of Africa, and even handmade pieces brought directly from there. The pool has a toboggan run, and there are two award-winning African cuisine restaurants inside.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa Hotel in Orlando

Disney Grand Floridian Resort is one of the best and most luxurious hotels within Disney in Orlando. Its location is very privileged, and the decor mixes Victorian and contemporary styles. It is close to the Magic Kingdom park area. It is a more recommended hotel for adults because it does not have as many play spots for children as others at Disney. Even so, it has a giant water slide and two swimming pools, one of which is reserved for adults only. Recreational activities such as treasure hunting and outdoor movie sessions are offered and camping activities for the whole family and breakfast with Disney characters. You can also fish and rent motorized boats. Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel in Orlando is one of the best hotels in the whole city and well worth it.

Universal’s Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando

This hotel is located inside Universal Studios in Orlando and is inspired by the Italian Riviera’s Portofino Bay. It is the best option for those who enjoy Universal and want to stay close by and inside the complex. It is very luxurious. Its 750 rooms are spacious and comfortable, and very beautiful. The place has three swimming pools, one of which has a giant water slide and is recommended for children, and the other two are quieter and reserved for adults. SPA Mandara has the newest aesthetic treatments for women and men, such as massages and drains. The Portofino Bay Hotel has five restaurants, all inspired by Italian cuisine, pasta, fish, and meat. Bars are available by the pool and inside the hotel, a well-equipped gym, and a water taxi directly to Universal Studios parks.

Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa in Orlando

This hotel is in the Lake Buena Vista area, and it is the largest in the area. The rooms are all hypoallergenic, with filtered air and water systems. The hotel is very luxurious and spacious and is very close to Disney World, so much so that it has a beautiful view of the fireworks at Epcot park.

Hotel Ritz-Carlton Grand Lakes in Orlando

This resort occupies a massive area of ​​more than 2000 square meters, and its building has 15 floors. It is in the Great Lakes area of ​​Orlando. The 582 rooms are incredibly comfortable and luxurious. Many of them have a bathtub and are divided into six categories, where the price, space, and view of the accommodations vary. The hotel has a vast green area that serves as a golf course, a SPA that offers various aesthetic treatments, and an extensive and super equipped gym. The swimming pool is also huge and widely used by guests. Be sure to go to one of the hotel’s restaurants. It has a pub, cafeteria, and sushi bar, among others. The Ritz-Carlton is about a 15-minute drive from the Disney and Universal Studios complexes.

How to find hotels at unbeatable prices in Orlando

An excellent tip for finding great hotels with incredible prices in the region you want and saving a lot on Orlando’s accommodation is to use this Hotel Search Engine in Orlando. We always use it as it is the largest hotel booking site globally.

We always make our reservations there to avoid problems, and we always save a lot, especially in Florida. An excellent tip is when you do the research, then filter by “Neighborhood,” where you can select the regions, and also “Guest ratings” and put “Very good up.” You will survey the best hotels in the best areas and with excellent guest reviews. It is a guarantee of ideal accommodation at the best price. And see below the tip of the free cancellation that is great and very worth it.

Another legal tip for those going to book the hotel is that this search engine has a solid partnership with the establishments, and they offer free cancellation for most hotels.

 It’s super simple and free of charge. As prices rise very quickly from one day to the next and the best hotels sell out quickly, our tip is to get in and make your reservation at an excellent hotel to be sure.

Save big when renting a home in Orlando.

A tip that will save you a lot on accommodation, especially if you are traveling with a group of friends or family, is to stay in Orlando’s vacation rental homes. There are already hundreds of stunning condos near Disney, but not all Brazilians know this and end up missing out on a great experience. 

The first benefit of renting a home in Orlando is the price. If four people are traveling together, renting the house is more than paying for hotel rooms. Above six people, it is MUCH less expensive than a hotel, for example.

Security is one more of the significant advantages of the houses. The closed luxury condominiums are monitored 24 hours a day, and no one enters the house, as in the hotel rooms. Besides, the places already come with the entire structure of a hotel. 

The places are beautiful – the condominiums are dedicated resorts, and you enjoy the moments together with family and friends much more.

Renting a house in Orlando is sensational and will save you a lot compared to hotels. And we are still going to recommend a site with the best homes, in the best condominiums, and with really unbeatable prices. If you want to see the houses and see the prices, go here to rent Orlando’s houses. We made an exclusive partnership with one of the country’s largest tour operators (which have beautiful homes in all the condominiums). 

It is worth checking! From what we’ve researched, prices are much lower than on any other site on the internet. And this is the site that sells park tickets, travel insurance, and car rental at the best price, so you can set up your entire trip and choose the best services at once, with free and specialized service. We warned you, in advance, that the condos we already stayed in and liked the most were Storey Lake (best location), Windsor At Westside, Paradise Palms (best price), and Solterra.

Tips To Visit Orlando

Now that you know everything about ten luxury hotels in Orlando, an excellent tip that makes the trip difference is choosing your hotel location and staying in a nice hotel close to everything. Orlando is a big city, and staying in a cold region and close to the main parks, outlets, and tourist spots make all the difference, even with an essential rental car. You can see our article on where to stay in Orlando, which has tips on the best regions to stay there, and how to get a great hotel at a great price (and find great hotels on sale). You will remain in the best region, close to Disney, parks, and outlets, and enjoy your trip much more.

It would help if you kept in mind that Orlando’s outlets, shopping malls, amusement parks, and sights are far away. If you want to enjoy your tour better and want to view as many locations as possible, it is advised to rent a car in Orlando. If you wish, see our tips on renting a cheap car in Orlando with everything you need to know and how to get excellent prices using price comparators and several tips to save on everything. It is very economical. This car will give you the flexibility to go anywhere at any time you want, and it helps a lot to come back from parks and malls with the bags and purchases of the day.

Orlando mobile tip

Using your mobile phone in Orlando is helpful as it turns out to be very useful and worthwhile, especially at Disney parks. You can use amusement parks, beaches, tourist spots, and discount coupon apps. You save about 100 dollars by not having to rent a GPS for the car because you can use the mobile, you can search the addresses and schedules of locations, check the weather forecast to plan for the tours, and stay connected with everyone through apps. If you like, you have an option to post your photos of the trip to Disney and Orlando on social networks. If you want, see our tips on using your phone at will in Orlando and the USA. It’s super cheap, and you’ll be able to use your cell phone all day long and anywhere in the United States, including Miami.

All major Orlando amusement parks such as Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld, have incredible apps that are great for visitors and show the map of the gardens, all the attractions, the rows of each toy, the restaurants, allows you make reservations at restaurants and everything the visitor needs to make the most of the park. And with the cell phone internetworking you can search all over when you’re there.

Where to buy the cheapest Orlando tickets

Many people are confused when buying tickets for Disney and Orlando amusement parks and do not know which one is the best.

Don’t forget about Travel Insurance for Orlando.

An essential tip is to take an International Travel Insurance before traveling to Orlando. It is necessary, and nobody should travel without one to avoid significant problems abroad. In our matter of International Travel Insurance for Orlando, you check everything you need to know about it: which are the best insurance companies and tips for hiring excellent coverage for a low price, saving a lot.

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